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Thomas Cromwell (1495-1540): Creator of the “Tudor Brand”

In case you missed it, this article first appeared on in July 2018 in commemoration of the execution of Thomas Cromwell on 28th July 1540. Today we are used to seeing the English royals on TV, in photos on social media, and on the front of our newspapers. Back in the 16th century the royal… Continue reading Thomas Cromwell (1495-1540): Creator of the “Tudor Brand”

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Is this Levina Teerlinc?

This article examines a miniature listed as an “Unknown Lady” aged 52, painted in the year of 1572.  The artist is Nicholas Hilliard. I propose that it is a portrait of the Flemish artist, Levina Teerlinc, who had been employed as limner and paintrix by the Tudor royal family since 1546. Miniatures, limnings, portraits ‘in… Continue reading Is this Levina Teerlinc?

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Nicholas Hilliard (1547-1619)

Nicholas Hilliard 1577 (Copyright V&A Museum, London. 41mm dia) We know little about Nicholas Hilliard.  The bare facts are that he was born in Exeter in about 1547, to Richard and Laurance Hilliard and was their eldest child.  Richard Hilliard was a goldsmith and, together with John Bodley, was a leading light in Exeter society.  … Continue reading Nicholas Hilliard (1547-1619)