There is no truer saying than “every picture tells a story”. The above image is the coat of arms of an old Jersey family that can trace its lineage back to 1446.

People think paintings, photographs and other works of art are merely decorative.  Through this website I seek to show how art and history are entwined and how research is demonstrating new ideas about long established tropes about art and artists.  Very specifically, I am interested in women artists of the early Renaissance.

Symbolism and allegory was a way of showing faith, loyalty, purity and a whole lot more.   In both paintings and illuminated manuscripts the use of colour, and in some cases, specific pigments, were reserved for specific people.  We all recognise the Virgin Mary with her blue cloak.  Lapis lazuli being the most expensive blue pigment all the way from the mines of Afghanistan and reserved for her (and possibly kings and queens) because of its cost.  If you think about it, nothing has changed; we still use symbols today.  The lions/leopards courant of England or the rampant lion of Scotland and the Welsh dragon are all national symbols, but we all have our own personal symbols and emblems.

Welcome to my world of art and history.