Renaissance Watercolours : From Durer to Van Dyck. By Mark Evans. A review.

This magnificent book by Dr Evans, senior curator of paintings and water colours at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, is a must for those interested in early modern and Renaissance art.  Published in July 2020, this catalogue accompanied an exhibition.  Sadly, I never made it to the museum in South Kensington due to the pandemic, but having… Continue reading Renaissance Watercolours : From Durer to Van Dyck. By Mark Evans. A review.

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Finally, after three hundred and fifty years, a woman artist has risen to the ranks of those artists and sculptors who are known by a single name, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, Botticelli, Donatello, Rodin, Picasso – all of them men.   The work of Artemisia Gentileschi (1593 - 1654/56) is currently being exhibited at… Continue reading ARTEMISIA!

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‘One Morning at Versailles’

A short story by Josephine Wilkinson There’s something about a garden in the early autumn, don’t you think? In spring, the plants, the shrubs and trees hold out their promise for the coming season, but the autumn sees them begin to take on their colourful winter foliage or shed it all together. As I surveyed… Continue reading ‘One Morning at Versailles’

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Parent’s Evening

A little short story from Ian Robertson, especially for all of you with children on half-term. ‘Come on. We haven’t got all night.’ The exasperation was all too evident in Keith Ballantine’s voice. It was always the same. Whenever he and his wife, Anne, had to be somewhere at a specific time he had to… Continue reading Parent’s Evening