Artists of Northern Europe, Illuminated manuscripts

Mary & Joseph arrive in Bethlehem

It is only a couple of days to Christmas Eve and two thousand years ago Joseph and Mary were probably heading to Bethlehem to be counted for the census called by Caesar August.  Their arrival in Bethlehem is not one that is usually recorded visually, but there are a few marginal images hidden in some… Continue reading Mary & Joseph arrive in Bethlehem

portrait miniature

Is this Levina Teerlinc?

This article examines a miniature listed as an “Unknown Lady” aged 52, painted in the year of 1572.  The artist is Nicholas Hilliard. I propose that it is a portrait of the Flemish artist, Levina Teerlinc, who had been employed as limner and paintrix by the Tudor royal family since 1546. Miniatures, limnings, portraits ‘in… Continue reading Is this Levina Teerlinc?