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Another Execution! – MV Taylor

This is a work of fiction, but the images referred to all exist as did all the characters and the executions to which they refer. Like other writers of historical fiction, I have taken events as my skeleton and dressed it with the clothes of a possible event, placing imagined words into the mouths of… Continue reading Another Execution! – MV Taylor

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This pandemic is inspiring some lovely fictional tales. Ian is a naval historian and we met at a conference held at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich last year, 2019, where we were both presenting papers to an international academic audience. This is a great story, based on real events during the reign of Elizabeth I.… Continue reading A VOYAGE OF SELF-ISOLATION – by Ian Robertson.

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Wilding – an ancient tale for modern times

During the Renaissance, the myths of classical Greece and Rome entertained and inspired artists, poets, playwrights and in particular, Titian who used them to create a series of paintings for Philip II of Spain's private camerino in Madrid during the 1550s. Today, these myths and legends still inspire those with a creative mind. Loosley based… Continue reading Wilding – an ancient tale for modern times