Artists of Northern Europe, Illuminated manuscripts, poetry and portraiture

The Annunciation

In Christmas week our focus is on the birth of Christ on Christmas day, but the story really starts nine months earlier with the visitation of an angel to a young woman.  The angel is Gabriel, who reveals to a young woman called Mary that she has been chosen by God and will bear a… Continue reading The Annunciation

Artists of Northern Europe

Is the work of 15th century Flemish artists ‘primitive’?

The 15th century Flemish artists have long been referred to as 'primitive'.  You might ask why this idea that artists who hail from north of the Alps comes from and just who they are.  My concept of primitive is not quite the level of sophisticted observation depicted on a flat surface as seen in the… Continue reading Is the work of 15th century Flemish artists ‘primitive’?