What we have looked at before,


Nicholas Maes (1634-1693): background to the exhibition at National Gallery, London.


There be Dragons: a look at how the map makers used mythical beasts to denote danger

Rene Lalique (1860-1945): Jeweller, glassmaker & industrialist.

Art Nouveau : an overview of the architecture and design of the era known as La Belle Epoque.

Natalia Goncharova – Rebel or Trailblazer? (exh. Tate Modern)

Cubism: Who invented it, why did they do it and when.

Van Gogh: (Exhibition at Tate.)

Nicholas HIlliard, Isaac Oliver & Rowland Lockey (a background to the NPG exhibition Elizabethan Treasures: Hilliard & Oliver)

The New Woman: a 19th century Phenomena?


The Pre-Raphaelites (exhibition : Edward Coley Burne-Jones Bt. Tate Britain).

Study day : The Rise of the Venetian Republic

Sicily : the Jewel of the Mediterranean

Do the 15th c Flemish artists, Jan van Eyck, Robert Campin and Rogier van der Weyden, deserve to be called primitive artists?

The Architect, the Sculptor & the Painter: Brunelleschi, Donatello & Masaccio


The Gentileschi’s: Father & Daughter.

Charles I: A Man of Taste (Exhibitions at both the Royal Academy & The Queen’s Gallery).


Frenchmen in London (Exh Tate Britain: The Impressionists in Exile)

Is this William Shakespeare? An examination of the Wadlow portrait.

How the Protestant Renaissance changed Portraiture.

18th century Venice

Rivalries in Rome 1500 – 1550.

The History of the Nude

How Artists See Themselves (exh Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace)

The Russian Avant Garde 1905 – 1917 (exh RA: REvolution 1917 – 1932)

Rivalries in Rome 1500 (exh National Gallery: Michelangelo & Sebastiano del Piombo)


Caravaggio:(Exhb: Beyond Caravaggio at National Gallery)

Holbein : before he came to England

Surrealism: an Introduction.

Stranger Painters of the Tudor Court: who were the foreign artists that came to England and were the foundation of our artistic heritage?

Five Great Mistresses: a look at forgotten women artists of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Botticelli: A Renaissance Master: (exh V&A: Botticelli Re-imagined)

Lee Miller (Exhb. Imperial War Museum)

The Impressionists (Exhb RA)


The Golden Age of Dutch Art – Part 2

The Golden Age of Dutch Art – Part 1

Nicholas Hilliard 1547 – 1619.

Botticelli: A Renaissance Master

John Singer Sargent – His Life & Works. (Exhb. National Portrait Gallery)

Blinded by the Light: The Impressionists (Exhb. National Gallery)

Rubens (Exhb. RA)


Art & Artists of the Great War.

The ‘discovery’ of linear perspective in 15th century Florence. Was it as new as all that?

Giovanni Battista Moroni (Exhb: Sackler Wing, Royal Academy)

Rembrandt: His Life & influences (Exhb: Sainsbury Wing, National Gallery)

Into the Light: JMW Turner and his influence on 19th & 20th century art (Exhb: Tate Britain)

Malevitch & The Jack of Diamonds Group (Exh: Tate Modern)

The Stranger Painters of the Tudor Court (Exhb: NPG)

Matisse: His life & work: (Exhb: Tate Modern)

Veronese: The Master of Colour (Exhb: National Gallery)

Renoir: His Life & Works. (Exhb: Light Box, Woking – Renoir in England).

Is Modern Art all that Modern? A look at the making of marks since the end of the last Ice Age: guest speaker – Hannah Wiggins Thirkill.

David Bailey: (Exhb. NPG)


Klimt (Exhb. Sainsbury Wing, National Gallery)

Philip II as patron of the arts

Artists of the Tudor Court (Exhb. In Fine Style, Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace)

Vermeer & His Place in Dutch Art (Exhb. Sainsbury Wing, National Gallery)

If Music be the Food of Love. . .

LS Lowry (exhb. Tate Britain)

The English Avant Garde

19th century Women Photographers

19th century photography of Empire

A Bigger Splash (exhb Tate Modern)

The Reformation & Counter Reformation in Renaissance Eureope

Barocci: His Life & Times (exhb National Gallery)

Post WW2 American Art & its influence

Roy Lichtenstein: (exhb Tate Modern)


The Origins of the Modern Ballet

The Art of Propaganda


The Male Gaze

Keeping up with the Burne-Jones’s.

Were the Pre-Raphaelites really so avant garde? (Exhibition – Tate Britain)

Ovid as Inspiration (Exhibition – National Gallery Metamorphoses: Titian)

The Life of Edvard Munch (Exhibition – Tate Modern)

Art and the mental state

Andy Warhol & The Factory (Exhibition – Dulwich Picture Gallery)

The Marketing of Monarchy

Cecil Beaton (Exhibition at V &A)

The Life & Works of Claude Lorraine.

The Life & Works of JMW Turner

The work of 17th C Landscape artists and their influence on 18the British Landscape painters (Exhibition at National Gallery – Turner in the Light of Claude)

The Venetian Colourists:

Ben Nicholson & Barbara Hepworth.

British Modern Art – the Who, the How and the Why. (Exhibitions: Tate Britain: Picasso & British Modern Art; Courtauld Institute: Mondriaan//Nicholson in Parallel)

Does Art Reflect the Society of its time?


The illuminated Scenes of Winter

Leonardo: The Man. (Exhibition: Sainsbury Wing, National Gallery)

How Printing Killed the Illuminated Manuscript (Exhibition: British Library – Royal Manuscript: The Genius of Illumination)

Elizabeth I & Nicholas Hilliard. How Hilliard created the brand of Gloriana.

The Rise of the Cult of Celebrity. A look at how the rich and powerful marketed themselves.

Pugin: Life & Times

The Gothic Revival, or why the Victorians went mad for the pointed arch!

Reliquaries & Veneration. (Exhibition: Treasures of Heaven, British Museum)

The History of Photography and photojournalism.

Post Modernism & the Las Vegas Manifesto an overview of the art and architecture of the latter part of the 20th century. (Exhibition: V&A Post-Modernism: Style & Subversion 1970 – 1990)

Surrealism: A look at the art work inspired by dreams and how the work of the surrealists influenced and continues to influence artists of the 20th century.

The Life & Works of Joan Miro: (Exhibition: Tate Modern.)

Modernism & International Modernism – an overview of what constitutes these artistic movements in art, furniture, architecture and objects of desire.

Nymphs & Shepherds Come & Play: The life and work of Jean Antoine Watteau (Exhibition: RA Sackler Wing. The drawings of Jean Antoine Watteau: Virtuosity & Delight)

An examination of the styles known as Baroque & Rococo

The Life & Work of Aubrey Beardsley

The Aesthetic Movement – an overview of this Victorian artistic movement. (Exhibition: V&A: The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860 – 1900.)

Differences between Northern European & Italian Renaissance painting.

How to read a Renaissance Painting (Exhibition: Sainsbury Wing, National Gallery: Jan Gossaert’s Renaissance.)

But Is it Art? A group discussion and survey of what the Ashtead Art Lovers thought of what constitutes Art.


Botticelli: La Primavera & Others. Do his paintings hold secrets or are they just decorative?

Canaletto and The Grand Tour: (Exhibition : Sainsbury Wing, National Gallery)

The Glasgow Boys. (Sackler Wing : Royal Academy)

Gauguin & The South Seas: an exploration of the life & works of Paul Gauguin (Exhibition: Tate Modern )

John Singer Sargeant (Sackler Wing : Royal Academy)

Caravaggio – Saint or Sinner?

The Life & Work of Van Eyck

Regency Buck – a background talk before a trip to Brighton

The Life & Works of Artemisia Ghentileschi

Degas & The Dancers

The Life & Works of Vermeer

Robert Mapplethorpe – photographer

Henry Moore (Exhibition at Tate Britain)


Fashion Photography

Donatello -v- Michelangelo

Michelangelo & Pope Julius II


Fiore de Henriquez – 20th C sculptress

Van Gogh – (Main Gallery : Royal Academy)

The Futurists (Exhibition at Tate Modern)

The Marketing of Monarchy – Henry VIII & Hans Holbein

The Impressionists and Snow

JMW Waterhouse (Exhibition : Sackler Wing, Royal Academy)


Wild Thing – the work of Eric Gill, Jacob Epstein & Gaudier Breszka (Sackler Wing : Royal Academy)

Van Dyck (Exhibition at Tate Britain)


The Renaissance Portrait (Exhibition : Sainsbury Wing, National Gallery)

The Role of the Society Photographer

The Lure of the East (Exhibition at Tate Britain)

Origins of the Tudor Artists

The da Vinci Code

Renaissance Siena : Art for a City (Exhibition : Sainsbury Wing, National Gallery)

Annie Leibowitz (Exhibition: National Portrait Gallery)

Nicholas Hilliard


John Millais (Exhibition at Tate Britain)

Lee Miller (Exhibition at the V & A)